More than just a business!

Many people ask questions about your success in business. Chances are they are asking the wrong questions.

For example:

When someone asks the standard question: “So, how much are you really making in your little business?”
This question may seem appropriate if the only thing you rate a business on is money. Truth is, there are many people in our nation that have the income status of multi-millionaires or even billionaires that have no relationships, they are dead spiritually, and are mentally drained. Money is only 20% of business success. I choose to invest more in my business than I do in my entertainment, such as cable, satellite, clubs, etc., long enough til I can  treat a $100 bill as though it were a$10.  Then I will begin my philanthropic endeavor. What are you currently doing that will enable you to do that?

When people say, “You are not as involved in the “church” as you were before, all you think about is your business!”

What they don’t seem to realize is that being involved in mentoring and developing people as leaders, educating them on having healthy relationships, helping them succeed financially whereby avoiding divorce, bankruptcy and other financial downfalls is more “ministry” than preaching to them. When you can accept, approve, and & appreciate them where they are, but love them enough to challenge them to evolve into what God has purposed for them to become, is one of the highest forms of ministering to the dying, hurting world. Sorry the sentence is so long, but… get the point! Laughing and crying with them every step of the journey is priceless. We will only see the true rewards of what that has done in their lives when we get to Heaven and see the lives their life changed.

What about when they tell you that you just need to, “Work hard, secure a place in the company, contribute to the 401K, and do what it takes for that promotion!”

What they can’t possibly see is that corporate America is not the safe, secure place it used to be. The industrial age is over….this is the age of the entrepreneur. The thinking that worked in that age is no longer applicable to us now. Times have changed! You need to be responsible for securing your future and your retirement. Not only think for yourself, but for your children and the generations to come. People that seek security over opportunity lose both.

If someone at your job has been there 5 years longer than you, can you see where that is an asset? Do they have the fruit on the tree that you would like to pick?

Well, not in my employment circle. Eval was done and there wasn’t even a mention for a raise, let alone knowing anyone here that has the freedom I want. Now don’t get me wrong….I have developed some great friendships here, just not envious of the financial window. I see the same people day in and day out coming to a place that takes them away from their family and dreams instead of allowing them to accomplish them.

Our government certainly is not doing that. Not to get political, but have you received your projected Social Security Earnings Statement lately? Well…. my last statement clearly said there would be nothing for me once I arrive at their projected retirement age. Who are they to say when I can retire? Sad, but true….you need to be responsible for your family. I would rather work hard on a 2-5 year plan than their 45 yr. plan any day. Look at what you are doing right now….do you honestly want to be doing this until you retire only to know you have to live on 1/2 to 1/3 of what you make now? That is a no-brainer question for me! Let’s not even discuss what is currently happening in our healthcare system. Geez!

What about the social aspect of your J.O.B.? Are those relationships healthy provoking you to accomplish great things? Let’s say you are the boss…..can you have friends or is there a chance of showing favoritism?  Are you surrounded by people that you will work in the cubie beside, but  never entertain the thought of  socializing with them on the outside?  Having all the money in the world would be a futile attempt at true happiness if you have no one to share it with.  We need relationships….healthy relationships!

Let’s face it! If you are mentally drained because you have chosen to design your family around your J.O.B., please don’t wonder why you are not sleeping, are having anxiety attacks, & your kids run to their rooms when you come home.  Why not design your business around your life and control the freedom you want.  Besides…when you learn to tap into the marvelous world of books, you will discover there are amazing mentors waiting to work with you in any area of difficulty you may be facing.  All it requires is to open the first page and take advantage of their wisdom and experience.  Forget the old adage, “Experience is the best teacher!” Actually it is again, only partially true.  Someone else’s experience is the best teacher and will save you time and probably sanity to just tap into the well spring of their journeys.

I encourage you to look at the the 5 Aspects of Human Behavior that we need not only to  survive, but thrive.

Spiritual, Social, Economical, Political and Mental. If there are areas not being met at your J.O.B., we need to talk!

Be encouraged….there is an organization comprised of top world leaders and people that have proven that focusing on all 5 areas in an attempt to make sure you succeed as a whole person. This way…you can in turn help others and enjoy the ripple effect of your efforts. It is more than just a business. You get lost in the minutia of serving others and you wake up one day only to realize you are truly living your dream.

Freedom & Liberty...We offer both!

I got in TEAM to have fun and make money…..I stayed in because I desire to make a difference. I am writing my story of success and want to be at 100%!



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