Join the Revolution!!

I am totally regressing to my youth!! Which, in honesty, if you look at it… long did our ancestors live? They had long, active, productive lifestyles, & were 100% self sufficient!

I grew up on a farm where we raised everything we ate from animals, produce, grains, etc.  My mother canned vegetables, we butchered our own animals, made our own milk , churned our own butter.  I even remember making hominy in a huge iron kettle pot over a fire.  My mom sowed most of our basic clothing and to me life was grand. I worked hard, loved to drive the tractor and learned the laws of sowing and reaping….literally.  My dad was my hero and had the greatest people skills on the planet.  Guess who I took after?  Well… the never- meeting- a- stranger part anyway!

I remember I used to never eat meat, ever.  My mom took me to the doctor b/c I was sick one time and he told her to increase my meat intake.  I remember vividly coming home that day stomping behind the cows on their trail to the creek, repeating with each stomp, “I HATE MEAT, I HATE MEAT”  My mom would then sit me down before anyone else ate and force me to eat meat.  I was just as content with raw vegetables.  I ate everything raw–tomatoes, corn off the cob-fresh off the stalk, potatoes –both white and sweet, peas, beans, etc.

What happened? Well I conformed.  Then…over the past several years I noticed I do not eat red meat.  I was in the grocery store one day and the meat counter guy was showing me some beautiful roasts and I had an “ah-ha” moment.  I couldn’t remember the last time I purchased anything red.  I hardly ate burgers.  Chicken & fish were my primary source of protein, other than peanut butter.

In the last couple of years I decided to change my diet lifestyle.  I was obese at over 220lbs. and was not going to go into a larger size clothing.  I began sugar busters, which to me wasn’t a diet, it was a lifestyle change.  Then when one of my bff had gastric bypass surgery, I began disciplining my self with portion control. Before long…I began losing weight.  It wasn’t fast, but it was sure & steady.  I went from a size 24-26 down to a 10-12.  During the winter I gained some back and I am back to my strict habits. I will not subject my body to the strain obesity causes.  During my over 20 years of working in the healthcare profession as an ER/ICU nurse….many of the diseases we treated could be contributed to diet and lack of nutrition.  We are eating ourselves to death!

Paul Zane Pilzer wrote “The Wellness Revolution” –Through media discovered just this week, I am seeing the trend change in a huge sense. The production of the movie, Food, Inc. and the eye opening exposure to –mini video narrated by Paul McCartney, I am convinced I have got to return to my roots. Besides…how do you explain such cruelty? To feed the masses? Really?

Many, many of our biz partners have began the quest to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Since we are in the # 1 health and wellness company in the world, this just makes logical sense.  One found a local farmer that raises “free range” cows and is looking to see if he has chickens. This also supports local economy instead of big businesses that only feed their pockets.

Do you know what this really tells me?  A couple of years ago I laughed when people talked about organic and free range.  When you are hungry to grow and change, your knowledge base expands and you accept things much better than ever before.  What I have seen is that we have chosen to change quickly without any hesitation.  I am so proud of us! The eyes of my understanding has been enlightened! Generations will thank us!

I am determined to live a long, prosperous lifestyle.   When Chris Brady interviewed Paul Zane Pilzer at our last Mona Vie TEAM Major Leadership Convention, he asked if we were on the right path.  Paul said absolutely we were, but we just wasn’t doing it fast enough.  Funny how things this week has fired up the health & wellness curiosity! Head to heart hunger is a force that cannot be reckoned with!

One million leaders can make an impact in more ways than one can imagine! Let the Revolution begin with you!  Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise!




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